Coffee Roasting for breakfast event

March 2nd 2019 we have organized our first coffee collective event at Amsterdam Roasters. The participants had a great time while have a true specialty coffee experience.

Arnoud, co-founder of Amsterdam Roasters, welcomed everybody at an early hour (8:00 AM) and explained what Amsterdam Roasters is all about. There was a (healthy) breakfast to lay the foundation for a lot of coffee.

Then the workshops started:

The first part was about green coffee. Explained by Friso of the Coffee Quest – direct trade coffee importers

Green Coffee explained by Friso (the Coffee Quest)
  • Most people don’t know that coffee beans are green
  • Where does coffee originate from
  • How are we different in buying green coffee
  • What we to do contribute to the lives of coffee farmers

The second part was about Coffee Cupping (tasting and selecting roasted coffee)

Introduction to coffee cupping by Wouter, Amsterdam Coffee Lab
  • Introduction to coffee cupping by our SCA certified trainer
  • Coffee cupping explained (how to “slurp”!)
  • Selecting your favorite coffee out of up to 10 coffees

The third part was the exciting part! Roasting your favorite specialty coffee

Coffee roasting explained by Stefano, Amsterdam Roasters

Coffee roasting is an art. Our participant where explained what it is all about.

  • Roasting process explained
  • Sample roasters explained
  • Roasting your favorite coffee under supervision

The fun part was that everybody took home a bag of self-roasted coffee!

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