New IMF roasting machines!

Amsterdam Roasters updated its machine fleet with fully-automatic 5kg, 15kg and 60kg IMFs from Occhiobello, Italy. IMF is well known for building high quality, reliable, energy efficient and greener coffee roasting machines. 

IMF machines apply forced air-convection energy transfer and recirculating heat technology. The burner has a double function: placed in the combustion chamber it simultaneously heats the roasting air & treats the emissions. The burner temperature is fixed at a pre-set temperature of about 600°C. This technology saves at least 30 per cent in gas consumption compared to traditional machines with a separate afterburner.


The “VORTEX” system mixes ambient air into the hot airstream before it enters the roaster via an electronically operated modulating valve, so the air is already at the correct temperature before entering the drum, providing a consistently uniform temperature of the hot airstream throughout the entire roasting process. This feature guarantees very high consistency in replicating roasts and in and a very accurate and consistent temperature control between batches (BBP).

Our members can easily roast on different machine sizes with minimal change in terms of roasting system. In fact one can apply a very similar roasting strategy for the 5kg, 15kg and 60kg machine.  


The “EQUALIZER” ensures the same volume of air enters into the roaster. This feature delivers equal volumes of hot air both inside and surrounding the perforated alloy drum surface, giving even heat distribution across the entire surface of the coffee beans, and eliminating any temperature fluctuations inside the drum.

All the machines are built with a mild steel drum, which ensure a uniform heat transfer to the coffee beans. 


IMF machines and the “Vortex” system are not only great for their roasting quality. A clean and hot airstream is crucial for achieving a clean flavor development and a cleaner exhaust air into the atmosphere. Amsterdam Roasters has always been sensitive about roasting emissions since its founding and has been searching for the best partners throughout the years. 


Commonly, coffee roasting machines work at their best when charged between 60% and 80% of their declared capacity according to the burner’s power and drum size and design. 

After many tests, we can state that this is not the case for IMF machines. Since the first tests we were surprised by the quality, speed and control at full capacity. The machines are capable of roasting without any defect related to overcharging and are capable of providing more than enough power. The design and sizing of the drum and its mixing paddles are designed to prevent any roasting defect that might occur due to overcharging. Roasting times can be pushed below 10 minutes also with full charge. 


All the machines are equipped with a Siemens PLC and can be controlled manually, semi-automatic or fully-automatic. 

The semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes allow 12 set points where inlet temperature, drum speed and airflow can be individually set. When roasting in semi-automatic and fully-automatic on the RM5 and RM15, the manual control can be chosen to take over at any point during the cycle. With the semi-and-full automatic mode the inlet temperature, drum speed and airflow can be controlled. With the manual mode the Vortex opening/closing percentage, the drum speed and the airflow can be controlled.

Artisan and Cropster can be connected and will allow you to visualize BT, IT, ΔB and ΔT. We requested 3mm BT probes for all the machines for a more accurate reading.


All our IMF machines use fully automatic warm-up and cooling cycles. The warm-up time can be safely used to plan and prepare the roasting session. The fully automatic cooling cycle allows to focus on minimizing the cleaning time.


IMF machines are equipped with all the safety alarms and settings needed to minimize the potential fire risk. The RM15 and RM60 are equipped with a continuous chaff extractor to even more minimize the risk of chaff build up and thus fire hazard and eliminate inconvenient stops during production to empty the chaff collector. 

Each machine has a batch counter that will trigger an alarm once the chaff needs to be checked and emptied. 

The burner is set-up for automatic shut-off in case the BT will reach high temperatures.

Wanna see our IMF set-up in person? Write an email to We would be glad to show you around!

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