Amsterdam Roasters was founded in 2017 by Corine Schmal & Arnoud Aalbersberg to create the first shared coffee roasting place in the Netherlands.

In November 2018 we created AR2.0. The first coffee collective in the Netherlands. Combining co-roasting space, co-working space, multi-roaster cafe, state of the art cupping lab & brew room, storage facilities for green / roasted beans & SCA training facilities.

In March 2020 we went for AR2.1. Reorganizing space, making room for growth of our family members.

Amsterdam Roasters B.V.

Nieuwendammerdijk 526 P

1023 BX Amsterdam

e-mail: arnoud@amsterdam-roasters.nl

phone: +31654332824 (Arnoud Aalbersberg)


facebook: @amsterdamroasters

Instagram: @amsterdamroasters