Changes at Amsterdam Roasters 2024

Amsterdam Roasters has proven itself since 2017 as a co-roasting space, coffee collective and in the end an incubator. Starting brands can roast per hour to keep their startup asset-light and focus budget on sales and marketing. Uptill 2,5 days 1 shift (6 hours) roasting this option is better than buying/leasing your own equipment, rent a space, comply to regulations etc. Above that, better fly out as did with success as well as DAK Coffee Roasters.

For the business model of Amsterdam Roasters, a machine breaks-even/is profitable above 2-2,5 days “rented” per week. So when a successful brand leaves, just as it became interesting for the co-roasting space, volume sank back to loss-making level. Of course one can try to ‘plan’ growth of (more) brands, but that appeared quite hard to manage.

To anticipate on the third fast growing brand ByBo Coffee (formerly known as Zwarts Coffee), Amsterdam Roasters decided to sell the RM60 and RM15 IMF Roasters to ByBo Coffee, along with most of the floor space. Now ByBo can flourish more time “in house” while Amsterdam Roasters can focus on starting brands and or high end coffees roasted on our 5kg machine in Building Nieuwendammerdijk 526M9!

So, do you have nano lots, micro lots, 💎 green coffee that you want to roast consistently to perfection? Drop us an email at and plan your roast at variable costs!

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