Barista Basics

At Amsterdam Roasters we offer barista basics workshops for you as our (future) coffee bean customers. These workshops are also great for teambuilding with your colleagues!

latte art at Amsterdam Roasters Barista Basics workshop

We will explain what a well made espresso consist of. An introduction in freshly roasted coffee beans and their origin. Understand the variables that determine the extraction time of your espresso drink. For example setting the grinder (‘dialing in’) and tamping the ground coffee correctly. We will convince you of cleaning your tools & equipment vigorously.

When time allows the first steps in steaming the milk will be tought to create a silky micro-foam needed for smooth texture in a cappuccino and eventually latte art.

What will you learn?

  • Duration: 2,5 tot 3 uur
  • introduction in specialty coffee beans
  • understanding what extraction time does with the taste of your espresso
  • learning by doing
    • setting the grinder
    • tamping coffee correctly
    • extracting the espresso in the correct time (25 sec as starting reference)
  • cleaning procedures
  • steaming milk and first steps latte art
  • certificate of attendance will be provided

Group minimum: 3 persons, group maximum 6 persons

€ 42,50 participation fee

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